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Sectoral Interviews

Sectoral Interviews

"A World Class Brand Expo"

Mohammed Elsalam, Chairman of the Ready-to-Wear and Home Textile Committee of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, stated that he has participated in Bursa Textile Show many times and said, "Bursa has world quality brands in textile. Bursa Textile Show is a world-class organization. He is pleased to be here.” he said.


"The Fair is Getting Stronger Every Year"

Sector representatives also stated that the organization, which determines the fashion in textile, has increased its quality every year. Bursa Textile Show exhibitior Murat Salkım stated that the exhibitions are an opportunity for the company to open up to the world and said, "We have been a participant since the very beginning of the expo. Every year the expo improves its quality." Cemil Tunca, participant of the expo, underlined that they had fruitful business meetings with buyers from European countries and Russia.


"Bursa Determines World Fashion"

Exhibitior Sait Yılmaz stated that they participate in Bursa Textile Show Fair with a booth every year and stated that they would like to take part in the fair in the coming period. Yılmaz said, "This expo is very useful for the sector due to the presence of producer companies. The trend areas, seminars, the size of the halls and the 3-day fair are very good. Bursa Textile Show is an organization where all buyers of big brands that maintain the real trend and world fashion come. In this respect, Bursa plays an important role in determining world trends." Exhibitor Gökhan Erüst stated that as a Bursa company, being at Bursa Textile Show is advantageous for the company.


"Many Companies Exported for the First Time Thanks to the Bursa Textile Show"

Engin Sarıkaya, exhibitor, stated that the expo undertook an important mission for Bursa textile industry to open up to the world and said, "Thanks to this Bursa Textile Show, many companies have made their first exports so far. Many companies strengthened their foreign trade operations with this fair." Islam Ali, exhibitor, stated that the expo contributed significantly to the company's annual export targets and underlined that they gained many new customers thanks to Bursa Textile Show. Sector representative Ayla Şenocaklılar stated that she was very satisfied with the expo, which she attended for the 3rd time, and that they held meetings with many customers from the countries they identified as target markets.