Magical light shades are evoked in textiles, Vintage silk and saten inspire floral prints and jacquards, with metallic touch envolve for opulent, luxury and ethereal look.

Materials have vaporous, crystalline, cracked or frozen effects. Metallic and iridiscent yarns bring icy sparkle to pleated wovens and leathers are foiled and incised.

Color palette environment are built on contrast, with an unusual uncoordination of winter-friendly colours and tones more typically  associated  with summer.

Moonshine appears in the mix of greens and blues to create new color combinations, pushing womenswear into new areas of mystical, light-driven colour.


Based on natural yarn constructions, tactile surfaces and elaborately decorated designs gain prominence.

Based in global influences inspiration and time-honoured techniques, creating contemporary pieces with a time-worn appeal.

Designs are elaborated with old techniques and crafted to create unique looks that appear like collectors pieces with important value by themselves.

A medley of prints, accessories, patterns and yarn handcraft from arround the world is thoughtfully mixed.
Colours are raw, gritty and autumnal, and hold within them an emotional pull, whether it be offering a sense of familiarity and comfort, ora shot of brightness.


Retro Simplicity trend implies a set back to a slower pace of life and designs that raise craft and longevity products. Focus changes to items that embrace timeless styles and classic materials with high quality finishings.

Color palette hasa comforting shades, with muted mid-tones with a balance of fresh, brighter tones that adds a contemporary, sharp look.

Simple designs in quality yarns, oversized shapes and  soft  fabrics have a casual appeal in this map; checks and stripes take designs into day-pijama territory, and classic workwear items will  remain  important  with fabrics such as drill, canvas,  denim and twill.


Sport and street influences share same line with glamourous materials and details. After years of monochrome at m o sp heres , there is a great interest in getting dressed again with a range of new possibilities.

This a revolutionary nature trend and menswear influence is arround with their garments, prints and colors as well.
For palette, brightness supported by sophisticated mid-tones and neutrals are touching by rebel reds and oranges and lilac pink adds feminity to cool tones.

Satin and velvet fabrics in unexpected ways for a contrast of pretty and tough. Tartans remain simple, but newness comes in how  they are used, improves and foiled.


Within the digital age, finding tranquility in the way you dress is essential.
The casualwear plays an important role, since it plays with the mixing of the past roots and the futuristic look.

With modern and rustic materials made with natural fibers, with ornamental details, they give usa vision of modern chaotic life. Reviewing the past with oversized and deconstructed themes, versatile forms offer us inspiration about the quick way of life.
Warm tones and shadows give us

comfort and feelings of harmony in rich color combinations that offer touches of autumn and sunsets, cloudy skies and the core of the earth.


This is a tendency of rebellious attitude but sweet at the same time. The individuality and personality of the youngest is shown unequivocally in the way they dress and see the world.

Within a saturated market, the way to mix, join the elements ends up forming a new one, much more personalized. The daring prints, with colorful graphics and slogans capable of going around the world with imagination, fiil the streets with artistic intentionality. The colors, ofa varied palette inspired by the crafts of the tinted yarns, give tools for the mixture where anything goes, a street freestyle with the freshness of the most vibrant and dark metallic tones.

Bursa Textile Show