Outdated clothes that you don't plan to wear are lying helplessly in the most forgotten corners of your home, in the farthest corners of your closets and drawers. World-famous fashion designers and fashion houses are also trying to find a solution to this problem by using interesting materials in their remarkable designs. In a world, where resources are consumed unconsciously, it is aimed to leave a livable world to future generations thanks to the new generation of Environmental Solutions and increased environmental awareness .

It is known that the amount of energy spent on assembling, classifying and reselling many textile products is 10 to 20 times less than producing a new product. Textile Technologies developed today have had a stong impact on ecological problems. Textile materials also provide many enviromental and economic gains with improvement and recycling. Over time, the deterioration of nature and the environment began to be questioned. This situation developed the awareness based on recyclable materials and evaluating usable clothes instead of mass production. With this increasing awareness in the fashion industry, the disposable clothes have almost come to an end. Thanks to striking solutions, recycling can be achieved in much more comfortable conditions than before, with sustainable designs, instead of disposable clothes. Recently, environmentally friendly products have started to be seen in many of the World-famous brands. With the increasing environmental awareness of luxury fashion designers and brands, they started to pay attention to the materials and sustainable production solutions used in their new models for a better future; new generation production solutions used in their new models for a better future.

With the reuse of many products used in fashion, brand new designs can be created. Recreated designs keep up with the latest trends. Thanks to the new opportunities and Technologies offered, fashion products are reused after being recycled. Considering the suitability of previously used and aging designs, they are sent for recycling in accordance with the fabric. Recreated products are offered for reuse by brands in accordance with trends and latest fashion. These recent approaches show us that sustainability is the new trend of fashion.

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